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JMC Mechanical and Construction Ltd are a Co.Armagh based company. They carry out maintenance work across Northern Ireland have recently implemented a new Job Management System.

The Problem:

As part of a contract with a housing association  JMC are required to manage a high volume of maintenance jobs, over 500+ a day. They needed a Job Management system which could integrate with the housing association’s system. All job processes and documentation need to be organised and stored electronically with  fieldworkers using a mobile device to fill out job documentations and capture data. With JMC’s current system in place, they were unable to cater for all the functionalities required.

The Solution:

Blue Fin Software Solutions have implemented the Mobile Work Manager software to JMC’s co-existing back office system with additional integration with the housing association. Many processes have been automated to reduce administration and also creating a better record of information.

The back end system can record a call log with tenants, fieldworker time sheets can be recorded and each worker have a tablet device to track their daily schedule and record job documentation. This system will benefit JMC greatly saving them a huge amount of money in administration and stationary costs among many other things.




The technology used for this software solution consists of a desktop application developed using VB.NET technology with a back-end SQL Server database and Android mobile solution.

Need Help?

If Mobile Work Manager seems like the kind of system that could overcome your Job Management issues then please feel free to get in contact with the staff at Blue Fin Software Solutions who can discuss how we can help you.